I sent a friend a dvdr of a sport thats plays the sport on all my dvd players and when he played it he said i?

Answer Did YOU ever record any porn on that disc?If not, what you consider a sport, your friend considers porn (say, women's mud wresting or something).IN any case, simply don't send your friend any more ... Read More »

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How to Start off in Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding can fairly be described as one of the hardest sports to gain a foothold in for various different reasons. One of the major problems within young bodybuilders is a common desire to grow... Read More »

What is a set&reps in bodybuilding?

Rep stands for repetition. Performing a specific weightlifting exercise, such as a biceps curl, a single time makes up one rep. Any number of repetitions completed in a row with no rest in between ... Read More »

Can a diabetic go into bodybuilding?

What will make a difference for weight gain is your protein, not your carbs, so you should be totally fine. You're going to have to go way up on that protein. If you get into protein shakes make ... Read More »

Bodybuilding questions?

You are asking questions which cannot be answered because you have provided insufficient information. You are asking question which, answered properly, would require more space than the 1000 words ... Read More »