Is blowing things up dangerous to your face?

Answer Definitely. Parents and other adults aren't being over-protective when they tell you not to play with matches, fire, fireworks, etc. Many children have seriously hurt themselves this way. Answer I... Read More »

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Are having "floaters" (the little things that you can see in your field of vision) dangerous?

I'm 38 and I have them too.......haven't gotten any worse over the years.Sidenote:My wife had Lasik done 4 years ago.........hasn't had any since.

Girls, Are you naturally pretty or do you have to do things to your face to make you appear so?

I prefer not to wear makeup, and if I do, it's only mascara.When I wear makeup, most girls are like "ooooh you're so pretty" but most guys tell me I don't need it, so I guess I'm naturally pretty. =)

Does acne/spots in different parts of your face mean you are deficient in certain things?

Yup!Spots on your chin are caused by hormonal changes.Spots on your forehead are affected by diet.Spots on your cheeks, interestingly enough are affected by respiritory problems.

Is it really dangerous to use Wikipedia to learn about things?

No, not really. The "dangers" of Wikipedia have been wildly exaggerated by the media, who are always looking for a new story to sensationalize. Additionally, your teachers will tell you not to use ... Read More »