Is it true that blood is blue in your body but when it hits the air it turns red?

Answer Kind of. It all has to do with oxygen in the blood. Your arterial blood is red because it has oxygen in it. The lungs oxygenate your blood, it goes through the heart and into the arteries and ge... Read More »

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How does your body control blood sugar?

The blood sugar level is controlled via hormones such as insulin and glucagon. There are many other hormones associated with this function but these two hormones are the chief regulators for blood ... Read More »

How to Identify the Potential Causes of Low Blood Pressure in Your Body?

Low blood pressure in humans is defined as a systolic pressure below 120 mmHg and a diastolic pressure below 80 mmHg. There are several causes to low blood pressure as will be discussed in the cont... Read More »

How does the pancreas control the blood sugar in your body?

Your pancreas is responsible for producing insulin in the body. This hormone controls how much glucose (sugar) is distributed to your liver, muscles, and fat tissue. When your body does not produce... Read More »

Does your body grow more blood vessels?

Your body generally will not grow new blood vessels unless under specific conditions. Pregnancy and the healing of an injury are the most common instances in which your body will grow new blood ves... Read More »