How likely is it that Simon and Garfunkel would have a reunion tour?

Answer They broke up in 1970, but have reunited for tours in 1981, 1993 and 2003/04. They played together at the Kennedy Center a few months ago and word is they might tour Australia next year. The 03/04 ... Read More »

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Bart brought a blueberry pie to a family reunion and it was cut into equal pieces At the end of the reunion 37.5 percent of it was eaten Which of these shows Bart's pie at the end of the reunion?

If you have sent out invitations for a family reunion and have not received replies then phone or email each person who has not replied. Etiquette these days seems to have disappeared and often pe... Read More »

I am looking for a tour agency for Switzerland tour that is cheap. Any help please?

Cheap and Switzerland don't go together in the same sentenceWhy don't you try this, competitive prices…And that will beat a local tour agency which employe... Read More »

Mj fans: bad tour or victory tour?

How to Blink?

The eye, the part of the body that blinksWhile blinking is an activity that most people perform without difficulty. Normal blinking may be disrupted by medical conditions such as Bell's Palsy [1], ... Read More »