How likely is it that Simon and Garfunkel would have a reunion tour?

Answer They broke up in 1970, but have reunited for tours in 1981, 1993 and 2003/04. They played together at the Kennedy Center a few months ago and word is they might tour Australia next year. The 03/04 ... Read More »

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Skin under eye is purpleish and my eye hurts when I blink what is going on?

Bart brought a blueberry pie to a family reunion and it was cut into equal pieces At the end of the reunion 37.5 percent of it was eaten Which of these shows Bart's pie at the end of the reunion?

If you have sent out invitations for a family reunion and have not received replies then phone or email each person who has not replied. Etiquette these days seems to have disappeared and often pe... Read More »

Who is going 2 win in total drama world tour?

tyler Tyler does not win so whoever put Tyler is wrong, I'm pretty sure heather wins, or she is at least in the final 3. Tyler was voted off already, Please get the facts right for whoever answere... Read More »

Are take that going on tour in 2010 and when in the year?