Is bleeding after sex common during pregnancy?

Answer hey hi i was jus looking out for answers to the same i jus wanted u to kno it too.herez the link spotting after sex during pregnancy normal take care

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Is bleeding after intercourse normal during pregnancy?

Answer I actually had that problem last night, and according to the nurse I talked to at my Doctors office it is normal. They say with your cervix being so sensitive it can cause bleeding. I was in... Read More »

Is vaginal bleeding alright during the last few weeks of pregnancy if it is just a little and just enough to turn the toilet paper a light pink and it was after you had sex?

Answer That sounds as though your partner's semen is mixing with the mucus plug a little and is perfectly safe.If you have any concerns do see your maternity carer.

Is it possible to have pms symptoms without bleeding during pregnancy?

PMS and pregnancy symptoms are very similar. Talk to your doctor as soon as you can because there are things that can help you that are safe to take during pregnancy---but your doctor MUST be the o... Read More »

Is it common for you to develope early pregnancy symptoms a week after being diagnosed with a chemical pregnancy?

Answer Hi,Yes this is a usual occurance hun. Psychologically speaking, when someone finds out something is wrong with them they can begin noticing or experiencing symptoms and the same applies to ... Read More »