Is bleached or unbleached flour better for bread?

Answer On One Hand: Bleached FlourAll-purpose bleached flour is chemically treated to quicken the natural bleaching process that occurs with age. Typically, if you're making a non-yeast quick bread, this ... Read More »

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How to Use All Purpose Unbleached White Flour Instead of Wheat Flour?

The difference between all-purpose bleached flour and wheat flour is in the milling process. Millers will grind out the germ (internal aspect of the wheat seed) and the outer shell called bran. The... Read More »

How to Use Unbleached Flour?

Unbleached flour does not use chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide or chlorine gas to make the flour appear whiter, and it typically has a higher protein and gluten content, which is better for bakin... Read More »

Can I substitute regular bread flour for white whole-wheat flour?

On One Hand: Substitute Equal Amounts of Bread FlourYou may use bread flour in a recipe that calls for white whole-wheat flour. Bread flour is the same as white whole-wheat flour, except the germ ... Read More »

Can you substitute bread flour for whole wheat flour?

On One Hand: Possibly for BreadThe higher protein content of bread flour enables better formation of gluten, which gives bread its elastic quality. Using whole wheat flour, even though it is high-p... Read More »