Is black walnut wood poisonous to humans?

Answer Wow...interesting answers.As a woodworker, the dust from a black walnut can cause severe problems if inhaled. Although not nearly as toxic as some woods, it did send a long time woodworker friend t... Read More »

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Is black walnut toxic to humans?

Black walnut trees can Cause some humans to have allergy type symptoms when they are in close contact while the tree is pollinating. Horses have similar reactions to black walnut trees.References:O... Read More »

What Is Black Walnut Wood?

Black walnut wood is the lumber that comes from the Juglans nigra tree, otherwise referred to as the American or eastern black walnut tree. It is typically used to make furniture, musical instrumen... Read More »

How to Grow Walnut Trees With Black Walnut Rootstock?

Black walnut trees grown from seed yield a small percentage of kernel per nut, in a shell that is notoriously difficult to crack. According to the University of Missouri, black walnut trees that ar... Read More »

Are Hedge Apples Poisonous to Humans?

Hedge apples, the fruit of the Osage-orange tree, are not poisonous when ingested by humans. According to Horticulture & Home Pest News, hedge apple juice, which is found in the fruit and the stem,... Read More »