Is black magic in India real?

Answer On One Hand: Black Magic Does Not ExistAs of 2010, there has been no credible scientific evidence put forth that black magic--the use of the occult to bring forth certain pre-determined effects--ha... Read More »

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Are magic spells real?

On One Hand: Magic Spells Are Not RealSpells of magic, in which specific paranormal effects are conjured up through the incantation of words, the concoction of potions or other such mystical gestur... Read More »

Where does real magic exist?

It is exist in a very natural state.. one almost misses it.. or may be mistake it for just sentimental point of example is the caterpillar.. lives all her life eating green leafs... and ... Read More »

How to Do the Black Magic?

So, someone has done something to you that's made you want to harm them, or maybe you just want to harm them for personal gain. Whatever your motivation, you know traditional methods of harm (weapo... Read More »

If a 13 year old boy was real good at magic would u hire him?

I wouldn't hire someone who struck me as being 13 years old. If, however, I was dealing with a young person who was mature and behaved in an adult manner, who presented himself/herself professional... Read More »