Is black ink really black?

Answer Black ink consists of many colors mixed to achieve the appearance of true black. You can use the capillary action of thin paper such as a coffee filter to separate some types of black ink into thei... Read More »

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Whats goes well with a black dress, i really dont want to wear a black shoe?

Red red red!Or white. Or cream. Any colour will work with black if you accessorize all the same colour (bag, shoes, hair etc)Hollie xo

Is black ink really black chromatography?

No. Most black ink used for printing is composed of carbon black mixed with varying combinations of additives, such as drying agents, lubricants, waxes and surfactants. Pigments are reserved for cr... Read More »

Movie about a black girl who has fair skin and denies her black black heritage and her mother is a servant for a wealthy white family made in the 50's or 60's?

Is black angus really better?

On One Hand: The Illusion of Superiority is DeliberateIn 1978, the American Angus Association established the "Certified Angus Beef" brand in an attempt to convey the notion to the general public t... Read More »