Have I been bitten by an ant!?

Answer Only the QUEEN ant lays eggs so I'm sure you don't have eggs and your scalp might be itchy because you haven't had a shower.

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I got bitten by a dog, what should i do?

If the dog had rabies and you got bit, alcohol isn't going to do jack to prevent rabies from spreading to you. You have been to your doctor so if he felt that it was necessary to give you a rabies ... Read More »

Have you ever bitten by an ant?

Why do I keep getting bitten?

quit using soap to bath as it smells sweet and so does perfumes, they dont like herbs like bassiel and anothe i dont remember but spray with deet is what we are told to use

Is there anything to keep the swelling down, I've been bitten.......?

*Looks around the room whistling*I just so happen to have a special cream that could remedy that..........