Is bipolar disorder caused by a mutation?

Answer On One Hand: Gene Mutation and Bipolar DisorderIn 2003 researchers at the University of California suggested that a mutation to the gene G protein receptorkinase 3 (GRK3) might contribute to the on... Read More »

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Is bipolar disorder caused by maternal drug abuse?

On One Hand: Genetic ConnectionsAs WebMD states, many experts believe that there is a large genetic factor in the potential for the development of bipolar disorder in children. It is thought that i... Read More »

Are Attention Deficit Disorder and Bipolar Disorder considered preexisting medical conditions?

Answer Yes, but on a group plan they may still be covered.

What distinguishes narcissistic personality disorder from bipolar disorder?

Can you get SSI for bipolar disorder?

On One Hand: Obtaining SSIThe U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) focuses on a person's ability to work when determining eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Mood swings, suici... Read More »