Is biogel made from seaweed?

Answer Biogel comes from alginate, a polymer derived from seaweed. According to Scientific American, research indicates that this gel, injected directly into the heart muscle, can prevent or heal damage c... Read More »

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Is seaweed vegan?

According to the Vegetarian Resource Group, vegans do not eat meat or animal products. Since seaweed is a plant that grows in the ocean, it is an acceptable part of the vegan's diet. Seaweed is mos... Read More »

Seaweed Identification?

Undulating forests of seaweed or kelp in ocean currents or clumps of drying seaweed washed ashore along beaches and rocks are a familiar seaside sight. Though seaweeds may look like plants, they ar... Read More »

Characteristics of Seaweed?

Seaweeds, also known as macroalgae, comprise a diverse group of organisms representing various growth forms. In general, seaweeds are divided into three groups based on their color--- green, brown ... Read More »

Is seaweed healthy?

On One Hand: Recognize BenefitsYou can consume seaweed cany number of ways and it is highly nutritious. Teruko Arasaki and Sebin, authors of the book "Vegetables from the Sea," explain that seaweed... Read More »