Is biodiesel a boon or a curse?

Answer On One Hand: It's a BoonMade from organic matter, such as soybean oil, biodiesel provides an alternative to traditional, petroleum-based fuels. Biodiesel is renewable and therefore reduces the Unit... Read More »

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Are inventions a boon or a curse?

On One Hand: Inventions Improve Our LivesCountless inventions have improved the quality of human life and made previously inconceivable notions possible. In some cases (such as the washing machine)... Read More »

Is the Jan lokpal bill a boon or curse?

JAN LOKPAL BILL is definately a boon for all.. I think it should be imlimented as soon as possible.. Otherwise poor person aur poor hota rahega aur amir aur amir hota rahega.. poor person ki sunne ... Read More »

Is junk food a boon or a curse?

It is both a boon as well as a curse, a boon as they have all mushroomed all over the city, so any time you have a guest you can orger these food, but it is not good for your health.-----------Junk... Read More »

Are reality shows a boon or bane?