Can soaking your foot in vinegar and then going jogging really break your foot?

Answer no, but those wil be some stinky sneakers...whew

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My foot really hurts?

I would definately check it out... Seems like a sever sprained ankle but considering its bruised as well - might be a fracture! Check it out with your GP and ask for his opinion :) If it is really ... Read More »

My foot and ankle really hurt?

Your foot has simply "gone to sleep" because you were sitting on it. It should wear off very soon. Keep slowly moving it back and forth and round and round. If you can get your foot into some warm ... Read More »

My foot is really sore plz help?

It sounds like the muscles of your foot may have an injury or they are just tired from all the running. You need to take some rest, dont put pressure on your feet.