Is bible prophecy really true?

Answer On One Hand: Isiah Predicted Jesus' BirthIn the Old Testament, Isaiah 7:14 predicts that a virgin will give birth (immaculate conception) to a son named Immanuel. Matthew 1:18-20 and Luke 1:26-35 t... Read More »

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My vegan roommate says its okay for him to eat beef because cows "aren't mentioned in the bible". Is this true?

Is this really true!!!?

Yes! Did you not see that program on American Football Players? Several were knocked out several times and then later in life they succumbed to various brain problems. On taking MRI and CT Scans th... Read More »

Can this really be true?

Well, that's not exactly true, what gets people caught is the "sharing" of music, meaning they are also uploading to other people the music, or copyrighted material. That is what is really illegal.... Read More »

Is Apollo 18 really true?

No , the film is what is called a 'Mockumentary' where the fictitious "facts" are presented to the viewer as if it was indeed true .