Is Belgium a French-speaking country?

Answer People in Belgium do speak French. However, they have three official languages: French, German and Dutch. Approximately 60 percent of the population in Belgium speaks Dutch, about 40 percent speak ... Read More »

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Where is Belgium on a map?

Belgium is in Europe on a map of the world. France borders Belgium to the south, Germany borders it to the east and the Netherlands are to the north of Belgium. The North Sea lies to the west of Be... Read More »

Belgium Divorce Law?

Divorce is the termination of a martial union and often involves issues of child and spousal support, and distribution of property and debt. Divorce laws vary around the world. By 2000, Belgium had... Read More »

How to Travel to Belgium?

Belgium is a European country that borders France, Germany and the Netherlands. It is a stable and modern democracy with a strong economy. It has a population of over 10 million people and it is pa... Read More »

Belgium Family Law?

In Belgium, the Civil Code oversees family relationships including marriage, divorce and inheritance. Family law disputes requiring the provision of justice, as in some inheritance disputes, fall u... Read More »