Is being with him really worth the risk of losing him, Im terrified i will!?

Answer try to explain to him why you had the number and if he doesn't listen then he obviously is an idiot

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I'm terrified of losing my hair whilst on roaccutane tell me your experiences?

I have taken it twice in my life. When I was 15 and then again when I was 20 as my acne came back. I experienced very dry chapped lips and dry skin but I never had any problems with my scalp or hai... Read More »

Am I at risk of losing my scholarship?

Were you charged and convicted in court?Whatever you do: Don't plead guilty.Other than that, I have never heard of a scholarship denying anyone for anything less than a felony. Everybody gets a mis... Read More »

Can you explain Love is everything it's cracked up to be It really is worth fighting for being brave for risking everything for?

The cemetery is administered by the Army. However, each branch of service sends their respective honour guards to perform services for members of their service who are being interned at Arlington.

I am terrified of the dentist and need my wisdom teeth pulled. How bad does it really hurt?

It was actually quite enjoyable for me (I know that sounds WEIRD...) and I even had 2 impacted teeth - which supposedly hurt the most. I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed in one appointment. They put ... Read More »