Is being very gassy an early sign of pregnancy?

Answer Answer Hello, Yes it is hun.

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Can loose motion be very early sign of pregnancy?

Are being nauseous at night having headaches all the time and being gassy symptoms of pregnancy even though you had your period?

Answer Those are all signs of pregnancy, but nothing is a sure sign of pregnancy but a positive test. Some women will have light spotting when there period is due and if they are not trying to get... Read More »

Is it a bad sign if your in early pregnancy and your urine is very yellow?

AnswerI believe that's a good sign and hope so cause I too am early in my pregnancy and my urine is very yellow. I think it is a sign of cleaning your system of all toxins? and that's a good thing.

You feel really bloated lately and am very gassy and have a sour stomach a lot could these be signs of pregnancy?

Answer It could be. Are you late? If you are late take a test. If you aren't late, wait until your period is due and test.