Is being vegan making me sick?

Answer Vomiting MORE than usual??Vomiting isn't usual at all unless you have a stomach virus.Your mom and dad should take you to a doctor.

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Alcohol making me sick?

You are still in good condition. Try to reduce drinking habit. Your habit and behavior is always in your own hand. Best of luck.

Alcohol making her sick?

I keep making myself sick after eating?

Alright listen here. No, this is not normal. However, NO you don't NEED 100% to go see a doctor if you don't want to....But if you want to then please do as it's professional advice from people who... Read More »

Help making a vegan lasagna?

you can use soybean curd-known as bean cheese, or-yes-TOFU as a good alternate. is "vegan mince" a soy granule product? then you're there.