Is being treated like a slave by your parent a form of neglect?

Answer Neglect as a word implies is a lack of attention; slavery implies a type of abuse. A farmer friend of mine said they had kids because its semi-free slave labor. It is highly dependent on what is go... Read More »

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Can a non custodial parent get full custody if the custodial parent is charged with neglect?

Being charged with neglect means there has not yet been a final determination. If the custodial parent is found guilty of child neglect the court can terminate their custody. Child neglect is assoc... Read More »

Is it neglect when a parent leaves a teenager to live at home by their selves?

Answer It may be, but it depends on the age of the teenager and how long they are being left for. It is probably not neglect if a 16 year old has been left home for 2 days, but a 13 year old would ... Read More »

Is it considered child abandonment or neglect when the custodial parent goes to jail?

no. any minor children left in the home after or during a conviction become wards of the state. however every effort to find relatives/astranged parent who will take the minor child in until the pa... Read More »

Can a 16year old choose which parent she would like to live with and how. She lives in Iowa. And is very unhappy with a complicated situation involving possible mental abuse and neglect.?