Can being emotional and weepy be signs of pregnancy?

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Is having diarrhea constant hiccups headaches tiredness and being easily emotional or agitated a sign?

Answer You may or may not be pregnant. Whatever you have it does not sound normal. go to your doctor. Answer It can be a sign of pregnancy or a sign of Gasterintitous or a stomach virus, hence ... Read More »

Do sore breasts and being real emotional sound like signs of pregnancy?

%DETAILS%AnswerIf this is not a normal sign before your period this could be pregnancy signs. Are you trying to get pregnant?both times i got pregnant i had sore brest and knew i was pregnate befor... Read More »

Could it be a sign of pregnancy if after having sex you got a really bad pain and felt like something was being hit and felt like you were going to be sick?

Answer Pregnancy can always happen when you have intercourse, so check yourself out. But from the symptoms you are describing, it does not sound like they are coming from the pregnancy itself. You... Read More »

Is being tired a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Not usually, with pregnancy its usually the opposite way around, you are more tired. But then again people have different sympotoms. if you suspect you could be pregnant, which means you ha... Read More »