Is being pale white a sign of substance abuse?

Answer The physical appearance of a person suspected of substance abuse can undergo noticeable changes. In addition to unusual skin color such as a pale white tone, other physical signs of drug use can in... Read More »

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Why do americans(white) want to be TAN while Asians or filipinos wanna be white or pale?

It is just some peoples way of improving themselves or hating some attributes about themselves and improving on it.

How can substance abuse be prevented?

First don't use any substances wrong and don''t do drugs. Second choose friends who will encourage good things that does not involve substance abuse.

What Is a Speedball in Substance Abuse?

Speedball is a slang term for a combination of heroin and cocaine that can be injected intravenously. According to the Harvard Medical School, this combination of drugs is highly dangerous and has... Read More »

Is substance abuse genetic?

On One Hand: Genetic PredispositionThe online journal "Science Daily" reported in 2007 that a study conducted by researchers at Cardiff University in Great Britain concluded that family and communi... Read More »