Is being nearsighted a bad thing?

Answer On One Hand: It May Be Progressive and UntreatableNearsightedness, or myopia, is a condition that renders a person incapable of seeing distant objects clearly. Myopia is progressive and usually--bu... Read More »

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What does being nearsighted mean?

People who are nearsighted can see objects directly in front of them but have problems seeing objects at a distance. Eye doctors usually will prescribe corrective lenses to alleviate the problem.So... Read More »

Is being a vegeterian at my age a bad thing?

Hi HannahIf you go to several doctors, chances are you will get different answers. Everyone has its own opinion. Some say that the proteins from meat are essential to your body and you cannot get t... Read More »

Is being short & fat a good or bad thing?

it's good if you make it good or bad if you make it so. If you are happy in your body and proud of the way you look then it's a good thing no matter what anyone says, but if you are disappointed wi... Read More »

Is being bi a good thing to be proud of?

Being proud of something is always an individuals choice.