What Do You Rate You Self On A Scale Of 1 to10 1 being ugly and 10 being drop dead sexy !?

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My sister is really ugly. What makes her ugly is cheeks on her face. And she has a triple chin. Its so ugly! ?

That's something really mean to say about your sister. And thats hilarious the donut thing. LOLZ!! As long as she is okay with it then you should be too. And don't worry about other people!! And if... Read More »

Is being pale ugly?

Pale isnt ugly. If you are that insecure about it, get a spray on tan. They are quick, and then don't burn, or use heat. They come off in 10 days just in case you don't like it that much. But pale ... Read More »

Children being ugly, help!?

You're going to have to be a pain about the rules. The fact is, they're facing a big situation and they're having trouble dealing with it, but doing the best they can given what they have. Don't ... Read More »

What do you recommend me to do to stop being ugly?

You don't look ugly nor weird at all...You must have very low esteem of yourself. Here are some words of wisdom that have helped me.• NEVER JUDGE A DAY BY THE WEATHER• THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ... Read More »