Is being called fat and made fun of and rude comments to a child that hurts the child's feelings mental abuse?

Answer Yes, a child should NEVER be told they are fat let alone being made fun of about it.

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Parent's feelings on rude comments.............?

Sometimes I'd ignor it & sometimes I'd make a snotty comment right back. If the person repeats themselves with their comments or is really snotty, I'd do what you did - be rude & try to embarrass ... Read More »

Is it child abuse to put soap in a childs mouth?

What are signs of mental child abuse?

their are alot of ways 2 id mental child abuse some can be as little as crying at night all the way up 2 suicidal thoughts/ actions. some of these can but are not limited 2 cutting staying close 2 ... Read More »

Is child abuse linked to mental illness?

Is Child Abuse Linked To Mental Illness? Yes it certainly is. If the child was sexually/verbally or physically abused it leaves scars not only on the body, but in the mind of that child. Children ... Read More »