Is being bloated a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Being bloated is a symbol of a lot of things. But while you are pregnant you can experience bloating.

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Is a lot of gas and feeling bloated a sign of pregnancy or just PMS?

Answer PMS symptoms and pregnancy symptoms can be very simmilar. When I got pregnant, I didn't know I was because I felt the same symptoms that I feel during my PMS. I waited for my period to come,... Read More »

Is feeling unusually bloated a sign of pregnancy?

Answer I am pregnant, and YES that is definitely a symptom. In fact, for most women, that is one of the first signs...

Is feeling bloated everyday but has not had a period yet a sign of pregnancy?

Is being bloated and gassy with extreme heartburn and cramps along with being extremely tired and having headaches and sore breasts three days away from AF even with a negative test signs of pregnancy?

Answer I have never had any real symptoms until a couple weeks after a positive test... though I know some women do... though all those symptoms you have mentioned could also be premenstral sympto... Read More »