Is there any wrong with being tired all the time?

Answer It could absorbtion of iron go to local doctor and ask

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Why do people think that being vegetarian is wrong!?

I'm a meat-eater but I don't jump right in with a "you're missing out" comment without some form of "why do you eat meat if you love animals" comment first. Both sides of this have these comments m... Read More »

What is wrong with a woman being flat chested?

Nah, it's psychology. I guess a lot of people follow the path of least resistance.Lat's take a school class. The girls become 11-12 or whatever, and some of them already get huge bulges in their bl... Read More »

How to React When Being Caught Doing Something Wrong?

You got caught doing something you shouldn’t have. It’s far more than just “Sit down,” or “Stop throwing things,” but it’s not serious enough to get you suspended or expelled either. ... Read More »

In "Perks of being wallflower" , what did the family thought was wrong w/ Charlie before learning...?

Don't listen to Bored, he's a loser. I love Perks of being a Wallflower! :D The black outs Charlie was having were flashbacks to all the thinks him and his aunt would do. He felt that he killed his... Read More »