Is being a stripper in a gentlemen's club THAT bad?

Answer Ugh, don't listen to judgmental people. So many people do stripping part time. I worked as a stripper while I was in college and my friend is a nurse and she does it weekends for extra money. It's ... Read More »

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What did one girl one Bad Girls Club mean when she was telling a joke and she said it's not the stripper it's the prostitute?

All you have to do us make sure you can sing and youll do great

Which statment is closely related to the gentlemens agreements of 1907?

idk what acts your talking about, but before WW2 the US was beginning to have more imperialistic policies. These can be seen in the US interactions with Latin America and Asia.

How would a motorcycle club become sanctioned Is there a governing body that determines if you can be a club?

think u better do some digging in around here for starters. what u dont know can get u in a world of trouble by the established clubs.…

Do you feel that being a SAHM is like being a single parent?

Yes! My partner see's me being a SAHM as my job. So I am in charge of the baby, the pets and the house. While he's at work. When he gets home We're either asleep already or he spends 30 mins with u... Read More »