Is being a raw foodist really healthy Are there any downsides to only eating raw?

Answer Two things are lacking in the standard American diet which ultimately lead to sickness and disease: enzymes and fiber. Enzymes are necessary for digestion, and they are destroyed in processing and ... Read More »

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Should I go to eating Only meat Being that farming is the single cruelest act of humanity?

Tahuti, the problem is NOT farming, nor is it livestock husbandry. The problem is unrestrained human population growth. The reasons for that seem to be varied but one sure reason is that "certain r... Read More »

My elderly mother had hip operation 4 weeks ago .Since being hospital she as only been eating and drinking?

It's difficult to answer that question without knowing her full history. The obvious first step is to determine why she is eating little. Is she depressed? Is she ill? Is she not quite herself righ... Read More »

Is there really any benefit to eating the tequila worm?

It's a marketing gimmick.And it's not really a worm.It's the larva of a moth.And mezcal is not true tequila.Tequila is made from the blue agave plant,whereas mezcal is made from the maguey plant.Th... Read More »

Is it really harmful for the baby to smoke only one cigarette a day while being pregnant?

Here's the reality...What goes into "your body" goes into the "baby's body," because right now it is getting all it's food and oxygen from "your body" via the placenta, so whatever gets into "your ... Read More »