Is being a Child Care Worker and a Preschool Teacher the same thing?

Answer u are thinking what im thinking. but there is a bit different of course. being a preschool teacher is to teach the children and being a daycare teacher (in my country, some centre called their dayc... Read More »

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Important Aspects of Being a Child Care Worker?

A child care worker is a professional who cares and watches over young children while their parents aren't available. These workers commonly work in day cares and preschools but may also work indep... Read More »

Does preschool teacher and kindergarten teacher mean the same?

When I went to school, we went to only kindergarten. A preschool teacher only needs an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, where as a kindergarten teacher needs a four year degree in t... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Being a Preschool Teacher?

For individuals with an aptitude to work with young children, there are many benefits to being a preschool teacher. From not being tied down to a desk to reasonable work hours, being a preschool te... Read More »

How to Be a Child Care Worker?

Developing your skills as a child-care worker will let you work with children on a regular basis. Becoming a child-care worker takes some time as you learn to work with children and focus on enhanc... Read More »