Is beer the best cure for a hangover?

Answer Alcohol is a diuretic and thus causes dehydration. Drink lots of water even while you are having your beer, drink lots of waters before going to sleep, and then drink lots of water the next day. ... Read More »

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What realy is the best way to CURE(notice the word cure) a hangover?

My 'CURE'..2 strong painkillers,a banana milkshake (if you can keep it down!)good source of Potassium,ideal for hangovers,or Rehydrate,buy it from chemist,mix with water and drink.Bed rest,cold com... Read More »

Best Cure for Hangover?

The Best Cure For A Hangover Is...?

Water, sugar, cysteine, Motrin 600 mg, and B vitamins.The alcohol acted as a diuretic and caused you to become dehydrated. The kidneys and the liver both need plenty of water to allow for filtrati... Read More »

Best hangover cure?