Is becoming a vegetarian a good idea?

Answer Oh my God, people!! The people who say vegetarians are weak and are unhealthy are wrong! Are they vegetarians? I don't think so! I am one and I am way healthier than before. I don't think it's heal... Read More »

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Is becoming baleamic a good idea?

Yes, I would definately recommend it. I also recommend jumping off a cliff, too.Any more stupid questions?

Im a fussy vegetarian and im on a diet, is it a good idea to add tofu or not?

you dont have to fry tofu, i just had a muchroom and tofu curry and i oven baked both and dont use any oil. tofu is not fatty, it is a protein

Vegetarian Chef: My very young son has expressed an interest in becoming a chef, however he is a vegetarian.?

(I'm assuming you aren't veg)How young is very young? Pre-school? High school? He needs to start out by learning how to cook in YOUR kitchen. Are YOU teaching him cooking? As a veg he needs to kno... Read More »

Becoming a vegetarian.?

Vegetarians do not eat any meat, this includes fish, shell fish and poultry. They also avoid gelatin, rennet and certain food colourings. Vegans are stricter and do not include dairy, eggs and hone... Read More »