Is becoming a dentist hard?

Answer On One Hand: Takes a Long TimeBecoming a dentist requires a considerable time commitment---at least eight years of schooling, according to Dental Analyzer. Your bachelor's degree will need to consi... Read More »

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How tough is becoming a dentist?

After high school, you would need to do a four-year bachelor's degree before applying to dental school. An honours degree (usually with a thesis) is usually best, but some dental schools will allo... Read More »

Is it okay to be scared when you are becoming a Dentist?

Answer I'm not quite sure if you mean 'when you are becoming a dentist' or 'when you are going to see the dentist". Either way, it is perfectly alright to be scared. After all, a dentist does hav... Read More »

What does a junior in high school need to do to prepare themselves for becoming a dentist?

AnswerYou picked a great field. Probably not a real popular choice amongst your high school class mates, but a great choice. Do this and you will make lots o money in your life. To get the informat... Read More »

Was becoming a vegetarian hard for you Why or why not?

I became a vegetarian three and a half years ago when I was 13. At first my friends didn't understand it and it was tough adjusting, but like you I did it for animal rights reasons. I would say it ... Read More »