Is basic soap by Dial non-alkaline?

Answer Basic soap by Dial is alkaline as it is made with sodium tallowate, which is made with sodium hydroxide -- also known as lye. Lye is a 14 on the pH scale, which makes it a top alkaline substance.So... Read More »

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Is Dial basic soap non-alkaline?

No, Dial basic soap is not non-alkaline. Dial basic soap is made using sodium hydroxide or lye which has a pH level of 14. Having a 14 pH makes Dial a high-level alkaline soap.References:DocStoc: M... Read More »

Is Dial Basics soap non-alkaline?

Dial's Basics soap is alkaline, as it is made with a combination of oils and alkaline. Lye, added to make the soap effective at cleaning, is the alkaline ingredient in Dial Basics soap.References:J... Read More »

Does alkaline mean the same as basic on a pH scale?

Yes, alkaline is a synonym for basic on a pH scale. Any substance that has a pH over seven is considered basic or alkaline. For example, baking soda and ammonia are both basic.References:Elmhurst C... Read More »

Who invented Dial soap?

Robert E. Casely, a chemist, invented Dial soap. Casely was the first to use a bacteria-killing germicide in soap. Other soaps used a substance that would prevent perspiration from breaking down i... Read More »