Is basel in switzerland?

Answer Basel is located in Switzerland. Basel sits very close to the borders of France and Germany and is Switzerland's second largest city, according to Europe for Visitors. However, the Basel airport te... Read More »

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Basel Switzerland Drinking Age?

The legal age to buy and to drink is 16 for beer wine etc. for any stronger it is 18 like you already know.It is not illegal for your parents to buy you some alcohol in a restaurant or shop and pas... Read More »

How long does it take to fly from Berlin to Basel, Switzerland?

Takes around one and a half hours.I recently flew from Basel to Berlin with easy jet took exactly 1 hour 30 minutes but depending on weather airport in Berlin it may take some minutes more or less ... Read More »

Is Basel in Switzerland Boring for expats?

Basel is by far not as boring as the cities in the UK.I guess for that reason the favourite sports of British ( Binge drinking and Football hooliganism ) are not that popular in Switzerland as they... Read More »

We are attending the Tattoo in Basel Switzerland next July.?

The Basel Tattoo is taking place at "Kaserne" (caserne/barracks). Public transport is stopping right in front - see here: . As we don't know what you're willing to spend, it's ... Read More »