Is barney and sesame street bad for your kids?

Answer no. they are kids shows and the directors make sure they are safe.

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Where is barney on sesame street?

people thought that he ate to much sweets and so they replaced him with a veggie freak.

Teletubbies, sesame street, or barney?

I watched Sesame Street with my children and Teletubbies with my grandchildren and I watch them both any chance I get. I especially like the numbers and the alphabet and Grover and the Count and P... Read More »

What are the kids on sesame street doing now?

skippy means PEANUT BUTTER:)It also can be a dog name,,, THE CUTEST dog in the world aka a boxer of my sista mels he is soooooooo cuttteee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-katdedictaed to ... Read More »

How does Sesame Street help kids?