Is barcardi and coke a girls/gay persons drink?

Answer I wouldn't say it is either a Girls/nor gay persons drink, but it isn't a particularly nice drink... try a better rum, Havana Especial if you prefer white or Golden Rums, or something like Matusale... Read More »

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I left my change in some Coke to clean them. They've come up lovely, should I now drink the Coke?

Of course you should. It would be a shame to waste a good glass of coke. Besides, you're a robot. Your insides will get shiny too. You'll be lovely!

Why won't parents allow their kids to drink coffee, but let them drink-Coke etc.,laced with caffeine?

Better question is why do they let the kids drink "energy" drinks that are loaded with more caffeine than coffee? It may be that the myth of coffee stunting your growth is still going strong, thoug... Read More »

Do you drink Coke?

I don't drink coke. That stuff was recommended to me by my mechanic to clean off my engine and get the rust off my interior. Gross!

What is the best drink to mix with coke?

rum and coke jack and coke but the best is crown and coke with a dash of lemon