Is bar tending hard to pick up on?

Answer Aldo-you could totally do it-you got the personality downyou're just like me-good-looking, funny, with a great personality-why am I not bartending????

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How to Get a Bar Tending License in New Jersey?

New Jersey bartenders are not required by state law to hold a license. There is a certification option for bartenders in New Jersey, and there are laws relating to bartenders that are important to ... Read More »

Why do people think Bar Tending school is such a bad idea?

I think it's worth it if you want to do it. Most people are prejudice because they think there will be nudity, violence, and many other "bad" problems, ect.

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Any high-end door know that uses a lever to open with is the best.

How can I get my Blue Ray Player to pick up on my external hard drive?

You'll probably need a USB Y adapter so you can plug the drive into two usb ports. One is used for data, the other provides additional power..Easy to find online: Read More »