Is banking a bad career?

Answer On One Hand: Banking Industry Hit Hard by Economic CrisisThe economic and credit crisis that started in 2007 forced banks to cut thousands of jobs. In 2008, Reuters reported that 150,000 banking jo... Read More »

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Good Things About a Banking Career?

The banking industry offers many career paths that can provide opportunities, advancement and challenging assignments. The skills acquired in banking careers are fairly universal and can be used in... Read More »

How to Begin a Career in Investment Banking?

Few careers are as stressful and lucrative as one in investment banking. Indeed, the extreme amount of stress associated with the job probably explains much regarding the occasionally excessive com... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Universal Banking&Merchant Banking?

According to the Financial Web website, merchant banking deals with financial advice for large corporations. Merchant banking practices also involves stock underwriting and long-term company loans.... Read More »

Commercial Banking Vs. Personal Banking?

Personal banking, sometimes called retail banking because of the retail services offered to consumers, differs from commercial banking in a number of ways. Financial products and services available... Read More »