Is bag balm poison to dogs?

Answer Bag balm is safe to use on dogs' feet. It was used on the dogs at Ground Zero in New York when their paws were sore from the rubble. Bag balm does contain the chemical 8-hydroxyquinoline sulfate, w... Read More »

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Can Bag Balm be used on the feet of dogs?

On One Hand: Chapped Paws Need MoisturizerDogs' feet become chapped and cracked, especially in cold or dry conditions. Not only is this uncomfortable for the dog, but left untreated, cracks in a do... Read More »

What does rat poison do to dogs?

Rat poison can be dangerous and even lethal to dogs. It depletes vitamin K levels and causes blood-clotting problems, which can lead to internal bleeding. You may not notice side effects right away... Read More »

Symptoms of Rat Poison in Dogs?

Due to a dog's curious nature and its desire to hunt small rodents, the consumption of rodenticide or rat poison is is an all too frequent occurrence. Commonly sold in grocery, garden supply and ho... Read More »

Mice Poison in Dogs?

Ingesting lethal amounts of mouse poison does not produce symptoms in dogs right away. It takes a few days before the poison can inhibit blood clotting, causing profuse bleeding of the internal org... Read More »