Is bad breath a sign of illness?

Answer On One Hand: It Can Indicate Serious Health ProblemsBad breath is also called halitosis, and if the condition becomes a frequent or chronic problem the underlying cause may be because of another se... Read More »

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Can cold sores be a sign of illness?

I bruise easily and am worried this is a sign of serious illness, cancer?

Check with you doc. and tell him you want full blood work done. GOOD LUCK.

Is bad breath a sign of pregnancy?

There are a number of signs that may lead you to think you are pregnant, such as nausea, fatigue and frequent urination. However, bad breath is not a sign of pregnancy. Pregnant women sometimes do ... Read More »

Is struggling to get a full lung of breath a bad sign?

Firstly, I am not in the medical profession so you can take this as my own experience only. I suffer from Costochondritis. That is a condition that inflames the soft tissue that surrounds the breas... Read More »