Is bacteria good?

Answer On One Hand: Some Bacteria is states that Probiotics, or "good" bacteria, are beneficial to the digestive tract and immune system. also reports that Probiotics can be supplement... Read More »

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Does chlorine have a bacteria that kills the good bacteria?

Chlorine does not have any bacteria that kills good bacteria, according to water treatment business LennTech. Chlorine destroys bacteria and viruses by breaking down the chemical bonds that hold th... Read More »

Good Bacteria for Dogs?

According to the Doctors Foster and Smith website, some bacteria are essential for maintaining your dog's health. Such "beneficial bacteria" actually help your dog digest his food, allowing him to ... Read More »

Types of Good & Bad Bacteria?

When we hear the word "bacteria," what usually comes to mind is something dirty--like germs that are bad for our health. Little did we know that there are two sides to the story of these tiny creat... Read More »

How to Encourage Good Bacteria on the Face?

The human body lives in a complex symbiotic relationship with bacteria, but some can be harmful or even pathogenic. Your face is especially susceptible to bacterial growth. This can often result in... Read More »