Is backaches cause for concern during pregnancy?

Answer Answer Backaches in pregnancy are normal, and result from increased weight and changes in the body's posture to cope with a changed centre-of-gravity, as well as a softening of the ligaments due t... Read More »

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How long do backaches last during pregnancy?

Answer Until your not pregnant at least. It gets worse the further along you get and mine lasted until about 2 months after I had my baby. Good luck.

Why does Toxins usually cause more severe medical problems if exposure is during the first eight weeks of pregnancy rather than during the later weeks?

Because it's in thise first weeks the main organs that will keep the body going is formed, the brain and heart etc.

Is constipation and backaches a sign of pregnancy?

Answer They are symptoms you may have during pregnancy, that is if you know you are pregnant and have them that is quite common.Signs are things that may give you an indication you are pregnant, th... Read More »

What may cause you to lose weight during pregnancy?

AnswerThe inability to keep down food or nourishment such as food or drinks during pregnancy can cause you to lose weight. Also a lot of diarrhea can cause one to lose weight.I would see your docto... Read More »