Is backTrack 5 legal?

Answer In the US yes. Most of these programs were developed in academia and are used for developing security tools as well as for nasty things. There are some places which have considered legislation to ... Read More »

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Backtrack 5 login help?

Ex. When you are in sudo the password is not visible, that means you are still typing the password but you cannot see it.I don't have much experience with BackTrack but I guess that is the problem,... Read More »

How Do I Backtrack My Ancestors?

Researching your family history can be rewarding on many levels. You may be able to prove or disprove family legends; you may discover long lost cousins; you may find inspiration in the life story... Read More »

Cant connect to the internet with backtrack 4?

To get Backtrack network connected, it must have an IP address. So assuming that it recognizes your network interface ( confirm with ifconfig eth0), do the following:dhcpcd eth0 - if your network h... Read More »

Is an HP Pavilion compatible with Backtrack 3?

Most models of the Hewitt Packard Pavilion Laptop have been listed on the official Backtrack site with specific verbiage as to compatibility and known issues where applicable (if any). In order to ... Read More »