Is baby-proofing a home tax deductible?

Answer Baby-proofing your home for your own baby is not an allowable tax deduction. If you are baby-proofing your home for your home day-care business, then it is an allowable tax deduction. A home day-c... Read More »

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Ready to crawl, what about baby proofing?

Definitely the corners of the coffee many babies hit their heads on them! People say to crawl around on all fours and think like you are your baby. This helps you notice areas that you w... Read More »

What are the latest developments in babby-proofing a home.?

Babbies are very small and flexible and can get in through the smallest holes. Plug holes in walls with steel wool and put towels under the door. Make sure all windows have well-fitting screens a... Read More »

Are medical expenses for having a baby tax-deductible?

Medical expenses for having a baby are tax-deductible so long as your total yearly medical expenses exceed 7.5 percent of your gross adjusted income. However, you may only deduct any expenses that ... Read More »

Are home additions tax-deductible?

On One Hand: IRS AllowancesThe IRS allows deductions for home renovations and additions for three reasons: medical purposes, energy conservation and using home equity loans or line of credit. Addit... Read More »