Is audio or visual information better remembered?

Answer On One Hand: Visual is More EffectiveIn a psychology experiment at Harvard University, Michael Cohena, Todd Horowitz and Jeremy M. Wolfe found that visual memory is more robust than auditory memory... Read More »

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How to Become an Audio Visual Technician?

Audio visual (AV) technicians provide presentation technology support to corporations, educational and government agencies, hotels and convention centers and other business and entertainment venues... Read More »

What Are Audio-Visual Materials?

Audiovisual materials are instructional materials that present information to students in ways that do not involve the use of paper and pencil. Audiovisual materials are useful in instruction becau... Read More »

Which is better: audio or visual learning?

On One Hand: Different people have different learning strengthsThere are, in fact, three common learning styles: visual/spatial, auditory/verbal and tactile/kinetic. Everybody has a different innat... Read More »

Does audio help visual memory?

On One Hand: Benefits of Audio CuesThere are many different learning styles. Some people learn by seeing, some by doing and some by hearing. Some people find it difficult to learn visual informatio... Read More »