Is asbestos naturally occurring?

Answer Asbestos refers to a group of fibrous minerals that found use in a range of industrial, commercial and residential applications. This is due to their heat and chemical resistance, strength and the ... Read More »

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Naturally Occurring Activities for the Classroom?

Naturally occurring activities for the classroom can combine the themes of community, fine motor skills, precision and quiet reflection, while also giving students physical tasks that keep them act... Read More »

Is asbestos naturally occuring?

Asbestos is naturally occurring (NOA). It includes fibrous minerals which are found in certain types of rock formations. When it's crushed or broken down to microscopic fibers by human disturbance ... Read More »

ASBESTOS....should my hubby knock down shed full of asbestos?

DON'T DO IT!!! That would send asbestos buy the load into the air for him to inhale. He should tell his brother to contact a contractor to remove it properly or he could be seriously risking his he... Read More »

Menstruation occurring too often - HELP!?

You should be checked out by a physician.If you cannot afford a doctor, see my source to find your local community health center, which will treat you regardless of your ability to pay.