Is asbestos dangerous while wearing a respirator?

Answer On One Hand: A respirator is necessaryAccording to Utah's Air Quality Control, if you plan to remove asbestos yourself a respirator is necessary. However, the respirator must be equipped with a HEP... Read More »

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How is asbestos dangerous?

Asbestos is a flame retardant formerly used in numerous buildings, including schools and houses. Asbestos has been discovered to cause serious health problems in some people who are exposed to it, ... Read More »

Is an asbestos roof dangerous?

On One Hand: Not HazardousAccording to the Minnesota State Health Board, asbestos roofing is not dangerous to homeowners when it is intact. The board states that damaged roofing can be carefully re... Read More »

How dangerous is chrysotile asbestos?

On One Hand: Asbestos Can Cause Serious Health ProblemsInhaling asbestos has been known to lead to life-threatening ailments such as lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. Chrysotile asbestos is... Read More »

How Dangerous is Asbestos in Floor Tiles?

On One Hand: It is Generally Not DangerousThe asbestos fibers are bound within the tile itself. The fibers are only dangerous when they are released in the air and can be inhaled.On the Other: Rele... Read More »