Is arthritis affected by humidity?

Answer On One Hand: Many Believe Humidity Affects ArthritisThe idea that joint pain changes with the weather is an ancient one, going back to Hippocrates in 400 B.C. Many people with arthritis believe tha... Read More »

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Does high humidity affect arthritis?

On One Hand: Humidity Unlikely to Aggravate ArthritisAccording to professor of medicine Donald A. Redelmeier's 2004 "Scientific American" article, "Does Damp Or Wet Weather Really Make Arthritis Pa... Read More »

If arthritis has affected the left knee will it affect other joints over a period of time?

it depends it osteoarthritis or rheumatoid?....osteoarthritis can start in an old injury doesn't" spread " per say , but most folks will end up with it in several places if they live lo... Read More »

How to Measure Humidity?

Humidity is how much water vapor is in the air. Relative humidity is the percentage of how much vapor the air holds of the maximum amount it can hold at a specific temperature, while dew point refe... Read More »

How to Combat Humidity?

Humidity and hair do not mix. That is especially the case for those who have curly hair or hair that is prone to frizz. Humidity exacerbates frizz, fluffiness and flyaway hairs, making for an unatt... Read More »