Is arthiritis a pre-existing medical condition?

Answer Generally speaking, there is no such thing as emergency housing assistance through the voucher program. By federal law every housing authority must establish uniform criteria for qualifications to ... Read More »

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If you have to provide medical ins for your ex who has an existing medical condition where can you get the best most cost effective coverage?

Answer You're probably NOT required to get her the coverage, but to pay the premiums. You also have a problem with HIPAA Privacy in that she doesn't have to tell you what her medical problems are,... Read More »

What is considered a pre existing medical condition for travel insurance in the UK?

can I receive money for my children if their father is on disablity? we are separated

If pregnancy exacerbates a pre-existing medical condition can your disability claim be denied?

This isn't a yes or no question. See the research. Turn in the claim and see what happens.Is Pregnancy covered under the Disability Plan?When two causes join in causing injury, one of which is insu... Read More »

The present condition is older than look back period for travel medical insurance is it pre-existing?

No, provided there has been no treatment or care or symptoms during the look back period. In order for it to be considered a pre-existing medical condition it must fit the specific definition found... Read More »